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A position is the first large vertical spot on far left position.
A1- Sean Patrick with arms up: Copyright 2008, Jill Slansky
A2- HERA Teal Tattoo: Copyright 2012, Daniel Gambino
A3- Woman belaying C4L DC: Copyright 2012, David Egan
A4- Sean w/ friends in front of HERA Foundation: Copyright 2008, Ben Moon

B position next is the second in rotation, smaller vertical spot, top right position.
B1- Couple sitting on stairs: Copyright 2013, Daniel Gambino
B2- HERA Hikers: Copyright 2014, Chris Weidner
B3- Man climbing: Copyright 2014, Chris Weidner
B4- MD5K Starting Line: Copyright 2013, Running Guru

C position next is the second in rotation, smallest horz. spot, bottom right position.
C1- MD5K Girl in teal shirt: Copyright 2013, Running Guru
C2- Friends with heads together: Copyright 2013, Daniel Gambino
C3- Man in purple jacket: Copyright 2012, Brendan Nicholson
C4- Teal group in gym: Copyright 2014, Travis Gray

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