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Anyone who was fortunate enough to know Sean knows that she lived it fully with vitality and courage. You may have heard her say one of these quotes at a Climb4Life event or simply talking on the phone while inspiring other women who needed courage and support. When times are tough, remember these quotes. Share them with someone who could benefit from Sean’s uplifting spirit.

“You need to live BIG through something bad.”

“When you’re out there on a ledge and there’s a storm rolling in, you can’t just cut the line. You have to keep on going and fighting.”

“We all have the power within us to change the world in a positive way. It just takes one idea, one individual, one scientist, one company or one community to make a difference in the world. That’s the power of one.”

“Climbing is a wonderful metaphor for life. Skills I learned in climbing such as overcoming obstacles, problem-solving and achieving goals came in very handy dealing with a cancer diagnosis.”

“Clearly what we are doing is not working. We have been riding the chemo horse since the days of mustard gas and have not improved ovarian cancer outcome by one percent. This is unacceptable. Since one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer, we need more innovative, scientifically sound, outside-the-box solutions. And we need to raise the bar higher for ourselves, and our medical and research institutions. We need to say ‘Dying from cancer is unacceptable.'”

“Cancer does not mean that life is over, you can survive and thrive, do new things and learn new skills.”

“Life happens and the only thing you have control of is your attitude. You can deal with it with a bad attitude or a good one … and life is just more fun with a good attitude.”

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