Let’s boost participation!

July 28, 2011

By Jessica Kinghorn, Climb4Life Utah Event Coordinator

In honor of HERA Climb4Life Utah’s 10th anniversary event, we say, bring a friend! Let’s boost participation in this fun-, challenge- and friend-filled weekend. You undoubtedly had a great time last year, so why not bring someone else along?

Sure, the donations  your friend will gather for the HERA Foundation don’t hurt, but we really want to meet him/her! The best way we can spread the word for this event is through word-of-mouth. So tell everyone what you’re doing the weekend of September 15-18, and why, and let them know how easy it is to join us. They’ll have a blast. As will you:)

Here are just a few of many ideas to gather some friends for Climb4Life Utah:

Are you part of a book club? Mention it on the group e-mail.
Do you have mountain biking friends who’ve never trying climbing? Get them thinking how climbing may be a nice complement to riding.
Are you in high school or college? Get a team together! You get a break on your registration and get to climb or hike with a bunch of your buds.

Do your friends want to learn more? Have them read this HERA Foundation blog, visit the HERA Web site for more information on ovarian cancer and visit the Utah page for specific information the SLC event.

Thanks in advance for helping give this event a boost!


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