Remembering Sean Patrick

January 19, 2010

Dear Friends,
It is the first anniversary of the death of Sean Patrick, the loved and respected founder of the HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation. The mission of the HERA Foundation is to stop the loss of all women from ovarian cancer through empowering: women to take control of their health, scientists to find new directions, and communities to provide support. Sean died last January from ovarian cancer, the disease around which she built this organization and this extraordinary community. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have known Sean, but I have learned a lot about her from those who did:

  • Why was I so drawn to Sean? I admired her strength. Just being near her reminded me that there is a difference between being alive and living. She did more than just exist. She rubbed off on everyone. I loved her so very much and I think she made me treasure life in a different way. If ever I thought I was having a bad day, if Sean popped in my mind, I could only laugh and smile. ~Tonya Clement
  • Sean was an extraordinary woman that changed the lives of so many people including myself. I miss her dearly but her spirit will live on among us and we will continue her passion to empower women through our work with HERA. Hopefully her dream, early detection of ovarian cancer, will be a reality someday soon. ~Lisa Curely
  • Sean touched me in so many ways.  Every time I spoke to her on the phone I had a pen and paper, she had so much good advice and I didn’t want to miss anything!  Not only did she teach me about what to ask my doctor regarding my cancer, but she also told me who makes the best wigs and what to eat to gain weight after complications with cancer made me lose too much.  She was a great friend; we laughed and cried together.  If I had never met Sean and joined the HERA community I’m not sure I would have had the confidence or knowledge to question my doctors when they told me to wait two months after I started to show signs of recurrence.  I insisted on more tests and ended up having surgery and a diagnosis of the most aggressive cell type of ovarian cancer, all before those two months were up.  This quite possibly saved me from an advanced diagnosis.  Most importantly, Sean and HERA have given me the opportunity to be part of the solution.  I am proud to be an ambassador for Sean and HERA so that I can help stop the loss of women to ovarian cancer. ~Samantha Lockwood
  • Sean was an inspiration and a role model for me about how to be present and active in my life, even in the face of adversity and in turn how to help others. ~Hilary Silberman
  • I had never heard of the warning signs of ovarian cancer before getting involved with HERA. I have told all the women in my life and that may save someone one day. We have Sean, her tireless work and passion for life to thank for that! She had more spunk and spirit than 3 of me put together. She was a true inspiration on how to live life like it should be. ~Sarah Leone
  • I can still hear her cheering me on and telling me (and all of us), You can make a difference! What a positive vibe—she made something really good out of something bad. ~Jill Slansky
  • Sean’s essence and the dream of HERA was the greatest gift she could have left. This gift of the HERA Foundation lives on and we must continue embracing this to stop the loss of loved ones from ovarian cancer. The entire HERA community makes the difference. ~Scott Paramski

Sean was strong, independent, and a force to be reckoned with as an advocate for women dealing with ovarian cancer. The HERA Foundation continues her important advocacy and work to stop the loss of women to ovarian cancer.
Danni Lederman
Executive Director

Would you like to donate to the HERA Foundation in Sean’s honor? It’s easy, click here,, which will direct you to the HERA Foundation website allowing you to make a safe and secure online donation or mail a check, if you prefer.  Just click the “donate” button, then “make a gift now” and you are on your way to helping save women’s lives in just three simple steps. Also please review the symptoms of ovarian cancer on the HERA site and share with friends. If you have any questions please write to or call (970) 948-7360. Thank you!

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