HERA C-Suite: Climbing, Community and Cancer Study

October 29, 2009

Dear Friends,

Autumn is beautiful and one of my favorite times of the year. The changing leaves, crisp morning air, delicious apples, and farmer’s markets all conspire to make the coming Rocky Mountain cold and snow more palatable. I love hiking through piles of fallen leaves and the resulting crunching sounds are wonderful. I can smell the mustiness of the leaves as they crumble beneath my feet. It also seems like the right time of year to take stock and prepare for winter. Autumn is a busy time at HERA as we prepare for the coming year.

8th Annual Climb4Life Raises Over $80,000

Over 100 climbers and 66 volunteers gathered for our three-day signature event, which uses climbing as a vehicle to focus attention on ovarian cancer. Held in September, Climb4Life Utah coincides with National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month creating an important platform for speaking up about ovarian cancer.   Raising over $80,000 to fund awareness and education about ovarian cancer as well as cutting-edge research, Climb4Life Utah supports HERA’s goal of saving women’s lives.

Climb4Life is sponsored by Utah-based Black Diamond Equipment who continues to be a terrific corporate citizen through their strong sense of community, which they express in part through their support of the HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation. We are fortunate and honored to be Black Diamond’s partner in this important work.

In addition to the spectacular climbing in the beautiful Wasatch mountains just outside of Salt Lake, Climb4Life had other activities this year. For the first time we supported the University of Utah’s Susan Sandoval Run for Ovarian Cancer, giving non-climbers an opportunity to run or walk to raise funds for research and bring attention to the deadly disease. Friday evening was the “Best of the 5 Point Film Festival” which showcased some great outdoor adventure films and shorts, and a presentation from Dr. Richard Roden from Johns Hopkins University. Participants also had the opportunity to take yoga classes and receive massage throughout the weekend.

In keeping with our tradition Event Coordinator Hillary Silberman awarded the HERA Angel Award, honoring a key volunteer, and the HERA Power of One Award, recognizing that it takes just one, just one individual, one company, or one community to create change. This year long-time volunteer Scott Paramski was the recipient of the Angel Award. Scott has been involved with HERA from the start and he was recognized for his years of volunteer service to the HERA Climb4Life, pitching in wherever needed – always with a smile on his face. And this year’s Power of One Award was given to Montrail in recognition of their ongoing support and collaboration with HERA. The ceremony took place at the film festival and was followed by a moving tribute to HERA founder, Sean Patrick who passed away in January of this year.

Climb4Life events are great opportunities for HERA to provide an avenue for the expression of self-empowerment and personal strength while helping bring awareness to ovarian cancer. Our thanks to everyone involved in making the 8th Annual Climb4Life Utah a great success and a wonderful testament to Sean, honoring her personal strength and tremendous tenacity in working to stop the loss of women’s lives to ovarian cancer.

HERA Announces Scientific Grant Opportunity

We have announced significant HERA funding for a study focused on Type I ovarian cancer (low-grade serous carcinoma, mucinous carcinoma, malignant Brenner tumor and/or clear cell carcinoma). The research will concentrate on the cause, early detection, treatment, and/or understanding of the disease.

Scientists and clinicians of non-profit research, medical service and educational institutions located in the U.S are eligible to apply. This is a unique opportunity for a one-year $100,000 grant made possible by a generous gift to HERA. Letters of intent are due November 1, 2009. Questions and letters should be directed to Danni Lederman at Danni@HERAFoundation.org, phone (970) 948-7360.

Community Events Supporting HERA

We are fortunate to be supported by “Run Like A Girl 8K”, an all women’s running event. This is the second year that RunRideRace, Blue Ridge Mountain Sports and Montrail have teamed up to offer these exclusive women’s only events. These races provide a great way for women and girls to feel empowered by their participation and it gives HERA an opportunity to increase awareness about ovarian cancer to a critical audience.

Run Like A Girl donates a portion of each entry fee to HERA in addition to giving participants the chance to raise pledges for HERA. This year hundreds of participants took part in three races staged in Virginia and North Carolina helping raise over $10,000 for HERA.

These events are a great way to get the message out about ovarian cancer to an audience that helps us spread the word. Spreading the word is critical to helping increase early detection and therefore to saving lives. Providing ovarian cancer symptom cards at these events increases our reach and gets these convenient business card sized educational tools into the right hands.

Mark Junkerman is the organizer of Run Like A Girl and a good friend of HERA’s. Mark’s passion for running combined with his desire to give back to the community provided a great collaboration for HERA and Run Like A Girl. Mark is looking forward to a great series of events in 2010, which will be published in the near future at, www.runlikeagirl8k.com.

Community events come in many shapes and sizes. For example, as noted above, Run Like A Girl 8K races this year helped raise $10,000 for HERA. Last week we received a check from a small group that works together and they had done a fundraiser and sent in a donation in the amount of $117. A couple of weeks ago we participated in an event put on by Women Adventure Magazine that provided us the opportunity to do outreach and it was a great avenue to educate women about ovarian cancer. Every opportunity to talk about ovarian cancer and educate along with every dollar raised, is important and makes a difference. Community events help in both of these areas and are critical to HERA’s mission.

We appreciate the community support that we receive and we are always looking for ways to reach further into communities in order to increase awareness, help educate, with the goal of eradicating ovarian cancer. Thank you for your support in our efforts.

Danni Lederman

Executive Director

HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation-P.O. Box 6147, Denver, CO 80206-www.herafoundation.org-1-970-948-7360

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