Sean Patrick Empowerment Circle


Jill Slansky, Board Member Ken Jones
Nickie Kelly, Director Richard Luck
James Nice, Former Board Member Angie O’Connell, Board Member
Richard Roden Tullia Bruno
Heather Weidner Chris Weidner
Kelly Voss, Past Director Sharon White
Chip Nakagawa Stan Marsh

Inaugural Members

Richard Roden Jill Slansky, Board Member
The Stephen Colbert Americone Dream Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC Sheila Wright, Former Board Member
Ann Fulton Ken Jones
Richard Luck Tullia Bruno
James Nice, Former Board Member Samantha Lockwood, Former Board Member
Lisa O’Connor, Former Board Member Angie O’Connell, Board Treasurer
Jeane Rovillo Kathryn G. and Gary C. Dudley
Chris Weidner Sharon White


Members of this special giving society honor Sean’s commitment to Health, Empowerment, Research, and Awareness by committing an annual gift of $1,000 or more.

We are glad to accept monthly payments of $83 per month.

Regardless of your gender, Sean created HERA for you, for me, and for all women. She encouraged women to take control of their health and HERA continues her legacy.  The Sean Patrick Empowerment Circle is helping make a difference in the many lives affected by this challenging disease. Thank you to our Sean Patrick Empowerment Circle members for helping HERA make great strides in our collective fight against ovarian cancer.

Questions? Please contact Nickie at 970.948.7360 or

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