Two Beautiful Days

June 30, 2011

By Julie Hauser, 2011 C4L Colorado Event Coordinator

C4L CO PhotoA few days have past since the 5th Annual HERA Climb for Life Colorado, and I think I’ve finally recovered. It’s one of the most tiring two days of the year, but also the most rewarding.  I’ve been involved with this event for four years, and this year was probably the most spectacular and rewarding for me so far.

As the organizational committee chair, I’ve been involved from the beginning.  Way back in January, we started putting together the little details of getting a committee together, finding locations for the different aspects of the event, and deciding on dates.  From there, the event was slowly built and started to take shape.  While the committee worked on different pieces, my job was to make sure everything came together.  I will admit it’s hard not to drop some balls and that’s to be expected.  However, I was so impressed with how people stepped up to the plate and got things done.  My right hand chica, Cathy Badell, is a super star! Ask her how to do just about anything and she knows, then she’ll create a spreadsheet for it.  Had she not been around, things just might have fallen apart.  I guess you could say she’s my glue.  This year I had a few committee members drop out about halfway through the planning process.  It made things a little more stressful, but the rest of the committee really picked up the slack and made it all happen.  

Many people don’t realize the time and energy that goes into planning an event like this.  There are so many little details when your event moves from location to location and has a couple of different disciplines involved.  I’m very lucky that I had a volunteer group that was super psyched for the day and had great problem solving skills; otherwise signs wouldn’t have been hung, and we wouldn’t have had a screen for the slide show.  Other members of the committee were facing personal loss during the planning stages of the event, yet they still persevered and stuck with it, and I’m so impressed with their strength.  I feel very lucky to have the committee I did because they all have such a great work ethic and vision to get things done.

The event weekend went really well, almost without a glitch. I kept waiting for the ax to fall and have some big explosion happen that would ruin the event, but it never happened.

There was one moment that really put all of this into perspective for me, and reminded me why I do this for HERA.  During the Hang Time Happy Hour, we showed a DVD with a 16-minute interview with Sean Patrick.  I’d seen it once before, but many in the crowd hadn’t.  I was so deeply touched by the look on everyone’s faces as they stopped to watch, the room was silent, and they were captivated. You could have heard a pin drop.  At that moment everyone realized how important this cause is, and we were all reminded why we’re involved.  I’ve never personally been touched by ovarian cancer, but you don’t need to experience it to know how many lives it will change, and that knowledge alone inspires me to “spread the word.”

Saturday morning at check in you couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Sunny, everyone is happy, and getting things done.  We were set up so quickly and it was so organized that everyone had time to drink coffee, eat bagels and visit.  Many folks that are involved with this event only see each other this one time of the year, so there’s lots of catching up to do.  We got a glowing report that the yoga session was “amazing” and Matt Kapinus was “so great.”  The morning started off on a good note for many of the participants, and the day was off and running.

At the Summit Party on Saturday night, I watched the committee and volunteers unfold and set up a fabulous, well-orchestrated event.  Many people complimented me on how great the event went and how much fun it was.  It was very difficult for me to take any of the credit because I feel like I just watched it happen in front of my eyes, slowly unfolding so gracefully.  I kept telling everyone that the success of the event was due to the volunteers as they are the ones that made it happen.  I’m just the conductor of the symphony.

When the party was over, the park was all cleaned up, and I sent the committee and the volunteers home.  I went back to my house, laid on the couch, and thought to myself, how did I pull this off so seamlessly?  It was the volunteers that made it happen, plus being a little organized and having the ability to “shoot from the hip when need be.”  It was two beautiful days filled with fun, smiling faces, laughter, joy and $34K for the HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation to stop the loss of women from ovarian cancer.

A few days after the event a volunteer sent me a message that read, “I just wanted to drop you a note to both congratulate you on the success of HERA and to say I’m really impressed with you and your drive to make it happen.  I feel like all too often people talk, but rarely do, even in the uber-privileged microcosm that we live in.”

I like being a “doer” and believe wholeheartedly that raising awareness about ovarian cancer is something worth doing.


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  1. July 5, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    Kim Polk says:

    I just wanted to say thanks to everybody who put this event together. This was a first for me and I just gotta say that it was awesome. I was the guest speaker Saturday night and told my story as a survivor. What an awesome crowd. I fully intend on returning next year and have already taken time off so my husband and I can attend the event in Salt Lake City. What an awesome group!
    Livin’ Large

  2. July 18, 2011 at 11:59 pm

    Aleece says:

    Such a wonderful weekend Julie! Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. I met such great people.

    See you at the next one!

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