Exercise Helps the Healing Process

May 23, 2014

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NOTE:  Carol Michaels is a HERA Ambassador, helping us raise awareness in Short Hills, NJ.  To learn more about her program, visit her website:  Carol Michaels Fitness.

My work as a cancer exercise specialist revolves around HERA:  health, empowerment, research, and awareness. I am a presenter and writer for numerous organizations on the importance of exercise for cancer survivors. Research suggests that exercise can decrease recurrence for some cancers.  So it is more important than ever to include exercise in a cancer treatment plan.  In addition, exercise can aid in weight control that may decrease ovarian cancer risk.

Cancer has been part of my world for over thirty years.  Many of my family and friends have battled this disease.  I have cared for and watched loved ones suffer and often die from this disease.  As a result, one of my life goals was to do whatever I could to help the healing process.  I needed to make an impact on a deep level.

My career brought me in contact with many people who were suffering from the side effects of cancer surgery and treatments.  I then determined that I had to help these clients improve their quality of life through exercise, an essential component of the recovery process.  This resulted in my creating the Recovery Fitness® cancer exercise program, which was inspired by, and is dedicated to, these courageous people.  This exercise program empowers those undergoing treatment for cancer and improves their quality of life.

The Recovery Fitness® cancer exercise program is a series of stretching and strengthening exercises designed to improve recovery.  These exercises range from stretches done as you progress from being in bed, moving to a chair and finally to the point where you are able to lift light weights.  The program shows you how to work out, when to work out, and the duration and frequency of the workouts.  Recovery Fitness® offers comprehensive advice so that you can begin improving your physical and emotional health and reclaim your life beyond cancer.  Through exercise, you will regain some control over your body, manage side effects more successfully, and increase your body’s ability to heal.

Recovery Fitness is currently offered at Morristown Medical Center, Gilda’s Club and other facilities in New Jersey.   For those that do not live in the area, I created 2 DVDs and recently wrote Exercises for Cancer Survivors.  The book uses easy-to-perform exercises with easy-to-read descriptions with a section on exercises that are helpful for ovarian cancer healing.  The book is intended to assist patients currently battling the disease as well as those who have been in remission for years.  The recommendations in the Recovery Fitness® program can help make you stronger, fitter, and mentally prepared to battle cancer.


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