Billboard in Denver

January 10, 2011

Billboard in Denver encourages understanding of ovarian cancer symptoms.

By Jill Slansky, Board President

I’ll never forget what Sean Patrick, HERA’s founder, told me about the time leading up to her original diagnosis of ovarian cancer. She felt something was not right with her body, and it was lasting too long. She was not the type to fuss, but she asked her doctor to look into it. He told her it was nothing serious, and to stop worrying. He even suggested she get a hobby.

So Sean lost the opportunity for early detection. And later, when it was diagnosed—it was already stage IIIc. This is how she began her 12-year-long fight against the cancer that eventually took her life. (See Sean’s story in her words.)

Thousands of women fall into the same trap each year—dismissing the ambiguous symptoms as “common annoyances.” Compounding this problem is the fact that the symptoms often show up late. So the window for early detection may be short, and the clues fairly innocuous—a tough challenge to overcome when early detection is the key to saving lives! (We desperately need an early detection test.)

HERA is committed to empowering women to listen to their bodies and speak up when “common” symptoms become persistent. So when HERA got the opportunity to run a billboard in Denver during the month of January, we jumped at the chance to make our message heard.

Our billboard lives at the busy intersection of 8th Ave and Lincoln in downtown Denver. Thousands of people will see it and have the chance to think about its message. We are thrilled!

We are so grateful that HERA has the opportunity to post this billboard! Thank you to Asher Tafuro at the University of Denver Division of Natural Sciences & Mathematics who donated the billboard space to HERA. Thanks also to Michael Smilanic and John Farmer for donating their creative services. And finally, thanks to our E.D., Meg Steitz, who made it all possible. We hope that the message will inspire women to learn the symptoms of ovarian cancer.


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One comment

  1. January 12, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    aleece says:

    Great points! You know when your body doesn’t feel right. Stay strong and persistent until you are heard.

    Can’t wait to drive by and check it out!

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