A Promise is a Promise

August 1, 2011

By Dick Haviland

A number of years ago my family (a wife of 34 years, four daughters and one son) had a remarkable experience that fulfilled a promise I made.  I was working in Scotland in my full time job while completing the manuscript for a book about the true story of finding my biological father at age 35.

During the time I was working there, a delightful English couple, Susan and Vincent Wright, became close friends. Sue was an avid reader and when I told them about the book she asked if I would let her read the manuscript.  A few weeks later she called me to offer encouragement, said she loved the story, and was going to make sure her reader’s club bought it when it came out.  I promised her the first signed copy outside of my immediate family. 

A few months before publication, Sue was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer with only a short time to live.  My wife and I flew to the north of England to be with her to say good-bye.  While there she told me she just knew the book would do well and touch people who know the power of love, loss and family.  We all had a good cry together and I promised her that I would donate the royalties to Ovarian Cancer Research.  Vince circulated the book and took up the cause and now, every year, there is a 5k run/walk event for Ovarian Cancer research in her memory.  A promise is a promise and I continue to find every possible way to contribute royalties to Ovarian Cancer Research.

Here is how you can help the HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation be part of that promise.

1.  If you order the book from my publisher, Infinity Publishing, 100% of my royalties will be donated to HERA.  Be sure you are using the right website because there is also a buybookontheweb site, but that one is not Infinity Publishing.

2. You can also order the book from Amazon and 100% of my royalties will be donated but the royalty with Amazon is about half of the royalty from Infinity.

Please feel free to read the reviews on Amazon and Infinity AND add your own review on both sites after you read the book . . . that always creates more interest.  Also, I am working with Infinity Publishing to see if they will allow us to make the book available for even more fundraising by allowing HERA to buy the book at wholesale price and sell it at retail. If they will do that, we can raise almost $8 per book and I will add 100% of my royalties on top of that.  If I am successful, we might be able to make it available to your book groups and at HERA events in the future.

Thanks so much for helping me fulfill my promise.  I know Sue is smiling down on all of us.


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