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Climb4Life Boulder Fundraising 101 Kit Download:    C4L Boulder Fundraising 101 Kit (pdf)


Climb4Life Fundraising FAQ.

HERA is now using crowdrise to fundraise for C4L.  Please see below for some general questions and advice.  Please call (303.501.0988) or email Julie with questions anytime!  We’re here for you.

Should I sign up as an individual or a team?

  1. If you sign up as an individual you will be fundraising solo for the Climb4Life.
  2. If you sign up and create a team, you will collectively raise money for HERA.
  3. If you are invited to Join a Team you can either respond to the email invitation you receive or go to the event homepage and click on REGISTER and then JOIN A TEAM and choose from the dropdown.



I’ve elected to create a team, how do I invite my friends to join my team?

  1. LOG IN to crowdrise and go to your fundraising page. Click the MANAGE MY TEAM tab and select INVITE TEAM MEMBERS.
  2. Select the text. Copy and Paste into your personal email; edit as you wish.

How do I invite my friends to donate to my page?

    1. Regardless if you are fundraising as an individual or a team, log in and go to your fundraising page and then select MANAGE MY CAMPAIGN and you will see options to share the fundraiser via FB, Twitter, Linked In, or Email with another option to simply copy/paste the link to your personal fundraiser. Click on the EMAIL icon and you will find a very short quirky message to send via your personal email for your friends to support your campaign. Please note there are many more meaningful messages we’ve crafted for you in the Fundraising Kit (see below) you’ve received via email. Everything should be pretty straightforward copy/paste.
  • Please note: Our old system had a mechanism for sending out emails from your fundraising page. We asked Crowdrise about this and they did away with that function because most folks didn’t use it…so you’ll be copy/pasting messages from your personal email.


Where do I find the email templates? In the Fundraising Kit you received via email OR:


How do I join my friend’s team?

Go the the main page for the appropriate event:


Click DONATE TO THIS FUNDRAISER and find your friend’s team in the dropdown (even if they are fundraising as an individual you will find their name in the TEAM dropdown).

How do I see who’s donated to me so far?


    1. Individual Registrant: Select type of report you wish to see and run report. You can then export this information.
  • Team Organizer: As the team organizer, all of the donations from all of your team members populate on your page collectively so the best way to see donations made to you specifically would be to pull a Donation Report for your team from the Report Center (make sure you are on your specific team fundraiser page). Once you export, you’ll want to sort the report based on Project Owner and you’ll be able to see the donations made to your page and the rest of your team breakdown as well.


How do I find out the email addresses of everyone who’s donated to me on the old platform?

Julie will send this to you the Friday after you register. If you do not have this communication by end of day Friday after you register, please email Julie and request a donor report (please check your spam box).

How do I enter offline donations?

Directions are on first page of Fundraising Kit, but here you go in case you missed ‘em:

Most folks will give via credit card, but a handful will give you cash or a check. These are called offline donations and you can still put them in your fundraising page so it counts toward your fundraising goal (Log In and go to your Crowdrise fundraising page>Manage Campaign>Donation Toolkit>Offline Donation Manager – enter them there and then send HERA the checks).

You can mail checks (please don’t send cash) to:

Julie Hauser

HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation

PO Box 20791

Boulder, CO 80308

How do I request donations via social media?

See the instructions for requesting donations and instead of selecting email icon select your favorite social media outlet. You can send directly or copy and paste with your person message. At this time crowdrise includes a picture for crowdrise unfortunately, so it may be best to copy/paste on your own with a link and your own picture J We’ve given them feedback that we don’t like it!

How come when I click on an individual from the main page it takes me to that person’s team page?

They chose to fundraise as a team collective. You sponsor that individual on their team and get added to their personal total; you can also click on the team name to see collectively how much has been raised.

My thank you for Crowdrise says “thank you for your donation” for my registration fee. What gives?

Other questions? Call (303.501.0988) or email Julie.

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